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The idea for Alumnus Capital was born out of a shared passion for finance, philanthropy, and social impact. Our founding members, a group of driven and socially-conscious high school students, recognized the potential of combining their interest in the financial markets with a desire to create tangible change in the world. They envisioned a platform that would not only allow them to apply their financial acumen but also promote responsible investing practices among their peers.



During a series of brainstorming sessions, the concept of a student-led non-profit investment fund took shape. The team was inspired by the idea of harnessing the power of responsible investing to support charitable causes focused on sustainability, social justice, and economic empowerment. They believed that by nurturing a new generation of investors committed to making a positive impact, they could foster a future where finance and philanthropy go hand in hand.

The founding members of Alumnus Capital worked tirelessly to turn their vision into reality, from developing the fund's mission and strategy to assembling a diverse and talented team of like-minded students. Today, Alumnus Capital stands as a testament to the power of young minds and their unwavering determination to make a difference.


Proceeding to grow, Alumnus Capital remains steadfast in our commitment to empowering high school students to create positive change through responsible investing. We are proud of our journey thus far and look forward to inspiring many more young investors in the years to come.

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