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Sreeman Charabuddi

Chairman - Alumnus Capital

Sreeman is a dedicated and passionate member of the Alumnus Capital team. Sreeman carries a strong interest in venture capital, being the president of his school's finance and investment clubs, demonstrating exceptional commitment to promoting financial literacy among their peers. With three years of experience in securities and a focus on algorithmic straddles, Sreeman is an integral part of Alumnus Capital's mission to empower students and create positive change through responsible investing.


Shane Lambert

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Director - L/S Equities

Shane is a rising junior at Crossroads School for Arts & Sciences with ambitions to pursue Investment banking and hedge funds in the near future. Being a founder of the SoCal Student Stock Society, he is passionate about investing and has over 4 years of experience analyzing securities such as AMD, WH, NVDA, HLT, and TSM. Outside of investing, a few of his hobbies include playing soccer and skiing.


Vishwa Charabuddi

Director - Quantitative

Vishwa is a sophomore at Cranbrook Kingswood, looking to pursue computer science. Doing research into Machine Learning and coding since the fourth grade, Vishwa has a tremendous amount of experience in working with code. Vishwa carries a huge passion for making an impact on his community through computer science through his Non-Profit and many more. Moreover, some hobbies of his include Debate and Basketball.


Abhinav Jain

Director - Operations

Abhinav is a junior at Western Canada High School, with ambitions to either Investment banking or private equity in the near future. Being a founder of various non-profits as well as a speaker at his school's finance association, he is passionate about investing and has over 3 years of experience analyzing securities and developing trading strategies. Abhinav commonly competes in investing & stock pitch competitions, winning many of the ones he has attended. Outside of investing, a few of his hobbies include writing economics articles and coding trading algorithms. 

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Ian Hartana

Assistant Director - L/S Equities

Ian is a junior at BASIS Chandler. He has a keen interest in the stock market and investment analysis, and is currently working on a research project regarding consumer sentiment within the stock market. In his free time, he enjoys playing the piano and playing tennis.

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